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I feel good!

because today snitches, I passed my Asvab. Just found out the scores, got a 64, passing was 50:) that means a genius!! Lol not really but it does signify a great moment in my life. A moment that has evaded me 4 times in the past. As Sam Cook once said, “its been long time coming, but a change is gonna come.” And it has. It starts and ends with me. HOOAHH!





Things happen. Maybe it wasn’t the right time. Don’t rush these things. These r all the sayings we hear all the time when it comes to things being postponed or set back. We try our best to deal with setbacks as best we can, sum can handle and upset more than others, others give up. Like today for example, I was supposed to go down an take my Asvab test. Now because of a setback my test has been postponed until next week. Nice. A test I’ve been studying for 2 years and failed 4 times. A test that will not only change my life but change who’s in my life, my surroundings, me entirely. And yet here I am. Still sitting in my room. Trying to deal with it.

But in hind site, I have a lot to contribute to this set. It’s giving me more time to familiarize myself with what I’m testing on. I have experience of my past to my advantage this go around. No more mistakes. Next Tuesday it is. I’ll be ready.

Choices, what to do what to do.



As of this writing, I’m in a bit of a decision dump. I’m looking to join up in the military soon, and I can decide whether its gonna be Army or Navy…….. ok don’t give me that look, the military is a great way for me to make sumthing of myself. No I dont wanna fight, no I don’t wanna join because I played Socom and Metal Gear all my life and yes it is a personal thing for every person who said id never amount to anything in life. It’s what I want to do. Period. But the issue at hand is this which branch?

As with anything there r pros and cons. The Army, to my understanding is the biggest branch there is, with far more mos opportunities and good training. The Navy has better equipment when it comes to tech savvy ppl who want know how to make rockets out of rocks:p. I’m joking, but they do have a technological advantage, and I luvs me sum technology. Both branches offer the Montgomery GI college money, both branches offer officer school. And to me, both offer extensive computer tech training, sumthing I want to study by the way. Those r definate pros. The cons r, I hate the Navy uniform. The one wither the bell bottoms, ugh. Dude I’m not into the snuggness of those pants one bit. Another is… water. A lot of times ur a seaman waiting for ur rating(navy jobs) to become available. Nu uh. Me and large bodies of water dont cope. I’d be freaked out.

Now when it comes to the Army, everything about them is drawing me that much closer to signing there papers instead. I only hate that……. wait. Come to think of it, there isn’t anything I hate about the Army:). Well then….. um.. Army it is then lol.