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Believe it or not, I luv good reading material, every now and then ill stumble upon sumthing that makes me reminise of my childhood and how I used to imagine I was in sum awesome fantasy world. Go ahead and laugh, its ok. Anyway I just so happen to stumble across such a medium in the form of a digital comic. One by the name of LAN, thats Light Apprentice Nate for u tech geeks who automatically assumed u knew what the comics about:p. Nate is a young boy raised to fight in the 100-Year War. He’s an aspiring Light Knight that has spent 300 years in a coma, awoken by the blueling wizard TLOB, the secrets of NATE’s past remain shrouded. Brazilian-born artist IGOR NORONHA ( ZUDA COMICS’ SIDEWISE) blends comics and animation in his first creator-owned work for mobiles! The story sounds serious but its not. Humor abounds in this comic and it already has me hooked to its narrative. I enjoyed the issue #0 as it found Nate traversing a cavern that was once a giant insect, he comes upon an prisoner who’s being held captive by an orge. I won’t spoil the rest but just know I recommend it for the casual reader and for though who just luv fantasy and adventure comics. http://tlobstudios.com/


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