Batman Deadend. Coming to an imaginary theater nigh you!!


Batman Deadend…… WAIT, WHAT!! so apparently, if u put Batman, the predator and the aliens in a movie together, that movie would own so hard and make even Avatar kneel before it in anguish. Or at least that’s what this teaser one shot gives the impression of. It seems ridiculous at first, u would think Batman would be waaaaaay out of his element the moment he’s pounced on by an alien, but old bats hold his own well. What’s gonna get u is the way this teaser ends, the producer Sandy Collora has a talent. This is an old fan film that until last year I had only heard of and never actually saw. To be low budget, the film is a serious teaser to what could have been. Ugh, C’Mon Spielberg, this one is all u lol.


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