Having a super powered gf 0_o





What would it be like to have a super powered girlfriend? Don’t act like u haven’t thought about it. Having a chick in ur corner that could throw fist with the likes of superman and hancock any day would be a fantasy come true for many comic buffs and sci fi(oh excuse me, Sy fi) nuts. I wouldn’t mind honestly but u would have to cancel out being the “man” of the house. Like ur super powered girlfriend would basically be the man of the relationship and she would remind u every time she has to rescue u from her super powered enemies every other day because their going to kidnap u often. Sad I know, and don’t get me started on how awkward reminiscing will be. Imagine every other talk about old times has sumthing to do with “hey do u remember when u saved me from” or “I remember the time I was held hostage by Docter ButtonMouth and ” and so on and so on. Basically u would be accounting to ur girlfriends awesomeness all the time.

On the upside, if ur a submissive guy and can get around those minor grips, ur relationship with a super powered girlfriend has its many perks. For instance, if ANYONE gets in ur face, she can just throw them 7 states away with one hand. She’s bound to be “super aroused”, and by “super aroused” I mean really horned up often. That’s my logic lol. Anyway u can guarantee that the sex will be explosive, nonstop and filled with u having a crushed pelvis. Eh, it evens itself out I think. U decide.


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